(Formerly P3e/c™ for Construction)

Product Overview  

On-time delivery, reduced project costs and top-quality results drive every construction project owner and their contractors. That's why Primavera solutions provide integrated team communication and collaboration; coordinated, schedule-based procurement; and are the world's standard for project planning and control - to ensure successful design, construction and facility management projects.

With most of these projects offering only single-digit margins, it is imperative that engineering and construction companies efficiently control project costs, schedules, procurement, contracts and changes. Amid this demanding environment, hundreds of construction companies have helped make Primavera the established leader in construction project management, control and execution software solutions.

Project roles

Project management is truly a team sport. The entire team must communicate and collaborate quickly and efficiently to get the job done right. Project obstacles develop when team members can't communicate quickly and effectively. With everyone in the loop, Primavera reduces the chance of miscommunication.

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